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"I have really enjoyed the courses I had done during COVID-19 lock-down and wish I had signed up when training for my PPL. The courses are a great study aid. David O'Reilly"

"I started with your Ground School system only a few days ago. I got an initial foundation reading the Pooleys Manuals, which are great however compared to your material are lacking in some "real world" experience. ie constant speed props and retractable undercarriage and when I think differential ailerons I picture a Tiger Moth. Your material helps me visualise an answer. The greatest asset to your study programme are the varied online tests which have been an invaluable learning tool. With my pass marks increasing every time I take a test. Hopefully, as soon as we are out of lockdown I can get on and book my exams. Many thanks for your hard work in creating such a brilliant platform for learning. Chris Palmer"

"Just to let you know that I have passed the Aircraft General Knowledge theoretical exam with flying colours! Thank you so much for making it possible. How you've managed to make me love & understand all this - once complicated & obscure - stuff is beyond me. My father will never believe it. (P.S. Between you and me, after everything you taught us, I thought the exam was easy- peasy...)"

"Over the past year I have studied for all 9 subjects of PPL ground school using this course material and found that they gave me an invaluable advantage to getting through the exams successfully. As well as getting all the exams passed the courses gave me a deep understanding of each subject which allows me to fully appreciate how an aircraft works and should be operated safely. I would STRONGLY recommend to anyone who is serious about passing their PPL with the view to having a sound footing in good airmanship, that they give these courses a go."

"These Ground School Courses (produced by Nigel Willson) really bring the subjects to life and give students a real understanding of the underlying subject matter and has definitely contributed positively to real-world flying. The course material comes in a format that allows study & revision at your own pace. So far 100% first-time pass rate with only Flight Planning & Performance to do - definitely recommended to all."

"I've taken several courses while working towards my PPL. They were all very well presented, covering not only what's required for the exams but also lots of practical tips and advice. I also had some one-to-one sessions which were really helpful, especially with my practical communications exam. I was much better prepared for my exams than I could ever have hoped to be using books alone. I would highly recommend these courses to any aspiring pilot."

"I had passed 7 out of the 9 PPL exams by reading the books and doing hundreds of practice questions online. Then I failed Flight Performance & Planning even though I had prepared in exactly the same way. I decided to study using this Ground School System for the final two exams and passed both with marks of 100%. The course material allows you to study at home explaining everything in a clear and easy-to-understand way. I was so impressed with this ground school that my girlfriend is now planning to do a co-pilots course with the author (Nigel Willson)."

"With reference to the courses that I have taken to obtain my PPL, I found the material invaluable to help me obtain all the required knowledge for all the exams that need to be taken. I can not stress enough; if you're struggling with your study and need help, USE THIS SYSTEM."

"I just have to write to tell you that I thought your course was really excellent. I've received a few courses on one thing and another in my time but yours was outstanding. Great presentation of material made it easy to assimilate a complex subject: excellent. The balance between practical flying tips and information required to pass the exam - also finely judged. You deserve a medal."

"I have received several of these courses over the past few years and found each to be well presented, informative and very worthwhile. Good slides with clear explanations."

"I greatly enjoyed the course and felt you made the difficult subjects much simpler to understand."

"Very enjoyable. a good combination of theory and practice; essential info to those flying!"

"Really excellent course, extremely useful in all aspects. Made a complex subject easy to understand and enjoyably accessible. Top Marks!"

"Thanks for a great course. It was very good consolidation of a lot of stuff I had done from home study with little feedback, but needed to get some questions sorted that were bugging me."